Our Mission

BAC Youth Zone is an exciting, full of life ministry that is fun to be a part of.

We are quipping, enabling, and releasing ordinary young people to do extraordinary things and live extraordinary lives.

We want to grow larger in number by December 2023- Reaching out to young people within the community to become true disciples of Jesus Christ and make disciples of others.

We want to reach the youth in the community with the Gospel of Christ and help them strive for excellence.

We want to empower and support our young people to improve on life opportunities for a better future, because every young person should have the opportunity to know their potential no matter their gender, background, or life situations.

We want to build long term positive relationships with our young people, to help inspire them and keep them engaged in education, work-life skills, and maintaining a positive mentality in regard to giving back to their communities in which they live.

We are building the next generation of church and business leaders.