About Us

The 60/40 project is an initiative of Ascension Trust, The Methodist Church and London City Mission that exists to care for, equip and empower teenagers in Lambeth.

Young People play an indispensable part in shaping the world that we live in. The policies, education, fashion, technology and culture of tomorrow, will undeniably be shaped by the young people we see around us. With this in mind we recognise the need to provide time and resources for young people to equip and enable them to be assets to our communities.

This project has been established to provide effective youth work for young people in Lambeth that is strongly focused on reaching out to Young People within the community yet also serves those within the church. We recognize that In Lambeth there is great culture, entertainment and history to be discovered. However many young people who reside in the area are living in emotionally, spiritually and psychologically deprived environments. Serious youth violence has increased since 2014 also child sexual exploitation is at an unexpected high within Lambeth. With this in mind we believe that youth work cannot be solely focused on Young People within the four walls of our churches but must reach out to the wider community in Lambeth.

Primarily Ascension Trust, The Methodist Church and London City Mission have collaborated in order to manage and direct this project. The combination of these organisations strength, influence and expertise positions this project for great success. This partnership will provide a holistic approach to developing teenagers within the church, schools, and wider community in Lambeth.

As there are a plethora issues and concerns surrounding the growth and development of inner city Young People, we believe these matters cannot be solved by one single institution, collaboration is essential. Acknowledging that various organisations offer unique services and have various remits of influence, the 60/40 project has adopted a collaborative strategy; one focused on partnership with local effective youth agencies and churches, with the intention of building a strong network of youth focused organisations in Lambeth.