Defining the Ascension Trust Representative [ATR]


An ATR is someone who is an official representative of Ascension Trust.  An ATR is appointed and given authority to act on the behalf of AT in the UK and internationally. They carry the DNA of Ascension Trust in their own areas and wherever they go around the country. They do what they can to make the projects of AT healthy and strong. They are familiar with the procedures and policies that have been established, and encourage the projects to understand and follow them. They impart the vision and core values of AT.

There is an application, selection, training and shadowing process for new potential ATR’s.  Typically an ATR would be an individual who has been an exemplary Coordinator or on the management committee of an area that is a good example of Kingdom work in their area.

 They will be individuals who have good people skills, coupled with being organised and responsive when working with AT and key partners as part of leading their initiative.  Where an individual is not a Coordinator or Trustee, their application should be endorsed by their committee identifying how they meet the key skills required.


Deputise and Deliver:

ATR’s assist with the setting up of an new Street Pastor Initiatives [SPI]’s, as well as supporting existing SPI’s.. They are asked to deputise and deliver the areas in bold

  • Stage 1  Consultation with Ascension Trust
  • Stage 2  Speak to church leaders
  • Stage 3  Meeting with the church leaders
  • Stage 4 Direct the new area to AT HQ for the license agreement, Certificate of Association, Coordinators Pack, Email address and password.
  • Stage 5 Meeting with the police & Local government
  • Stage 6 The Launch of the SP initiative and the Urban Trinity.
  • Stage 7 Deliver training
  • Stage 8  Recruit the Area Coordinator
  • Stage 9 Commissioning Street, Rail, Response and Schools pastors

ATR’s are also requested to lead training for established Ascension Trust street pastor initiatives, when they have new recruits. This would be Roles and Responsibility training for new volunteers or Refresher training every three years for existing street pastors.  Some ATR’s assist with AT’s other initiatives: Schools & College Pastors, Rail and Response Pastors, delivering training/support.

ATR’s may also be called upon to carry out Quality Control Audits on behalf of Ascension Trust

In addition to formal requests for training, an ATR may be asked to support an area, for a time specific period, which may be experiencing difficulties and need pastoral support or trouble shooting input.

It is expected that potential ATR’s attend the Annual National Training days and already be a role model to other Coordinators, Street Pastors and Areas.

After attending any event and/or area, we request that an ATR reports back to HQ with the following information:

  • Name of ATR
  • Area Visited
  • Date visited
  • who they met with,
  • Number of churches represented (if Relevant)
  • Whether or not they have agreed to sign L.A. (If Relevant)
  • Any comments observations or concerns etc.


To become an ATR the process is quite straightforward:
  • Each applicant completes an ATR  application form
  • Attend ATR training course at Ascension Trust Head Office
  • Supply two references.
  • Have supervised events with experienced ATR (4 sessions)


Remuneration and Travel: 

Ascension Trust will ensure that all ATR reasonable travelling expenses (standard class/cheap day return) are paid (this is paid by the area visited on the day)

All ATR’s will be given a £100 ministry gift for stage 3/5 meetings, Roles and Responsibilities training and Refresher training.

All food and reasonable accommodation will also be taken care of by your host if overnight stay is required.

If ATR chooses to drive their own vehicle, they will be reimbursed at 45p per mile.

The continued participation of an ATR is reviewed annually.