History of Response Pastors

Response Pastors – In preparation for the 2012 Olympics held in London, ‘More Than Gold’, a Christian ministry organisation working with LOCOG (London Organising Committee Olympic Games) were tasked with organising a Churches of the UK co-ordinated approach to having initiatives in support of many aspects of the London Olympics.
One of the initiatives that was created, ‘Games Pastors’, had a volunteer team of nearly 300 Games Pastors that deployed around London Transport Hubs and close to Olympic venues.

Games Pastors were recruited, trained and deployed by a team that was managed by Mike Freeman; MBE and Eustace Constance (both now at Ascension Trust). Around 60% of Games Pastors were already Street Pastors. The deployment of Games Pastors was a Christian Resource should a significant event occur during the Olympic Games period, they would emotionally support and assist, those attending the Games and any communities that may be affected.

After the Olympics, legacy was a key factor for everyone, Eustace & Mike considered this and it was decided to form ‘Response Pastors’, being a group of additionally trained Street Pastors, who could support survivors, those indirectly involved, members of the emergency responder services and communities affected should there be a disaster, crisis or major incident. Within months of being formed Response Pastors were deployed to a major incident and since have deployed in many places around the UK (see Response Pastors blog (link).

We now have many Response Pastors who have been additionally trained and deployment ready all over the UK, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (for more information click on this link)