“Building wellness and resilience in communities facing challenges, disadvantage and requiring support”

Five2Medics is an initiative of Ascension Trust and was born out of the desire to build wellness and resilience in communities. Together we aim to improve lives and reduce the impact of physical, psychological and social issues. Ascension Trust, founded by Les Isaac OBE, is a charitable organisation with a passion to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Our aim in 2021 is to MOBILISE communities through challenges to Recovery


  • Mental health support
  • Overcome cultural barriers to wellbeing
  • Build on existing networks in communities to reach individuals
  • Innovate to reach communities
  • Launch leaders in communities
  • Improve health in communities
  • Support communities
  • Educate communities


  • Newspaper / magazine publications
  • Social media promotions to engage communities

Standing Together to respond to the global pandemic

“Inspired by the story of the little boy with a mere five loaves and two fish, a group of medics amongst the Standing Together coalition joined forces to launch into the deep to reach further into communities and respond to the needs of frontline workers.”
Dr Chi-Chi Ekhator


 The journey so far












Five2Medics Wellbeing Packages

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Health inequality must be addressed in locality
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