Five2Medics Timeline

Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”


  • As the gravity of the pandemic dawned, discussions started with Christ Church Ministry, CTBI, health and social care from ethnic minorities backgrounds, ethnic minorities churches and communities


  • Standing together focus meetings – medics, nurses, counsellors, community leaders, faith leaders (later to become Five2Medics initiative)
  • 2 Surveys of those from ethnic minorities healthcare workers and communities – 90+ surveyed
  • PPE appeal (video, press release, premier radio interview)


  • Pray London- May 3rd – 600 + attendees,
  • Church/community webinar May 22nd Lynwood Christian Fellowship, COGOP– 45-50 attendees
  • CTBI May 26th – A Christian Response to the COVID 19 Crisis affecting those from ethnic minorities communities – 111 registrations. On the day, 79 people viewed the webinar which is a percentage rate of 69%. 129 views on YouTube, 689 views on Facebook.
  • Mental health video for those from ethnic minorities communities (Instagram, Facebook, whats app, YouTube)
  • Standing together focus meetings – Five2Medics formed formally

June :

  • Nigerian nurses UK association webinar 5th June– raising giants, changing the narrative from cradle to grave
  • Five2Medics focus groups

July :

  • Caring for the carers  11th July – 54 attendees
  • Caring for the carers 18th July – 70 attendees
  • Caring for the carers   25th July – 77 attendees
  • NatWest – 29th July – helping entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities backgrounds in their mental health and wellbeing (127 views on YouTube)

August :

  • Summer school (27th July – 14th August) – 3 weeks online summer school KS3 (15 x 45minute sessions) – 40 students registered to participate. 15 consent forms were returned. 20 students participated in the summer school, with attendance per session ranging from 8 students to 16 students for a session. year 7 – 11. All 14 teachers were volunteers, majority of them were professional secondary school teachers from ethnic minorities backgrounds, we also had doctors and other graduate professionals who volunteered to teach the student participants.

  • Birmingham church community outreach (Mount Zion community church)  40- 50 attendees– wellbeing and resilience
  • Street Pastors wellbeing webinar 21st August (100 attendees) – Transforming selfless-care to self-care, fearless care, Pray but move your feet (part 2)
  • Discussions with NHS organisations – brainstorming regarding helping those from ethnic minorities communities during the pandemic

September :

  • Street Pastors wellbeing 4th (64 attendees)Pray but move your feet (part 2)
  • Street Pastors wellbeing 18th (100 attendees, 129 registered)Building resilience and fearlessness
  • Malawi UK nurses’ webinar/inaugural webinar  (50+ attendees) – navigating challenges / racism in career (See @DrChiChiEkhator twitter feed for images)
  • Five2Medics focus group meeting – 23rd September

November :

  • Street Pastors wellbeing webinar 9th November
  • Street Pastors wellbeing webinar 16th November
  • CLF Church Mental Health and wellbeing webinar
  • Wilton Park Virtual dialogue on Addressing the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minority ethnic communities / facilitated the Faith and community group 24th November

December :

  • COVID 19 vaccine webinar – Lynwood Christian Fellowship, COGOP – 8th December
  • COVID 19 and Manhood – 13th December

February 2021 :

  • The Runaway – Cure vs chip – 10th Jan
  • Ethnic minorities professionals discussion with the Chief Medical Officer
  • The Runaway – Mental Health and the Matrix of the Mind – 17th
  • GTPA, 20th Feb – Managing. The impact of the pandemic –
  • The Runaway – Mental health; dealing with trauma – 24th Feb