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COVID 19 has shone a light on health inequalities and key issues requiring urgent attention such as vaccine confidence

Caribbean and African communities in South-East London want and need open dialogue and verifiable information about their health and wellbeing from trusted voices in trusted spaces.

That is why we have launched the Beacon Project to make sure that those from Caribbean and African communities in South-East London can make informed choices, recognise myths and fake news, and ask the questions that help them understand what is happening.

The Beacon Project led by a Clinical Coordinator will deploy Beacon Ambassadors in the heart of Caribbean and African communities in South-East London to increase vaccine confidence.

Our key focus is in 2021 is to engage unpaid carers specifically and those hesitant about their subsequent dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Beacon Ambassadors will assist the Beacon Clinical Coordinator in activities such as networking with Local Unpaid Carers Groups, GP Practices, Community leaders and holding community outreach events, advertising and signposting individuals to book their coronavirus vaccination via a telephone line / link.

We hope that Beacon Ambassadors will be part of an exciting new way of helping the NHS to begin to shine the light and address other health inequalities across the region over time through Beacon Hubs in local communities.

AT Beacon Hubs

Beacon Ambassadors will engage community leaders and groups to establish hubs through which communities can gain access to trusted voices on matters concerning their health and wellbeing. Beacon Hubs will exist to empower communities and vulnerable groups to lead healthier lives.

Beacon Hubs across SEL will initially focus on ‘Caring for the Carers’ by increasing vaccine confidence and uptake amongst unpaid carers as well as supporting their general wellbeing. Hubs will also address concerns from all those who are hesitant about their subsequent dose.

We know that carers from minority ethnic communities are less likely to be known to the health and care systems, therefore it is harder for unpaid carers from these communities to get the vaccine.

The Beacon Project will aim to establish 2 hubs in each borough (Southwark, Lewisham, Lambeth) in locations such as churches, mosques or community focal areas.

By engagement with and forging relationships with communities and faith groups. Roving clinic/health promotion models (e.g. link in with St John’s Ambulance)

Webinar series for unpaid carers – Holistic care, health promotion, vaccine confidence

Health inequalities: Flu vaccine, Mental health, Poverty, Estate planning (Wills , LPAs)

Using networks in local communities and primary Care in SEL to identify unpaid carers who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Signposting these individuals to telephone line/link and the online booking system, documenting and gathering the data relating to the engagements made with communities and individuals and the outcomes in terms of uptake and change of mind.

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Telephone number: 0208 3299 644