The A.T Beacon Project

An initiative of Five2Medics which provides services at neighbourhood level to local communities across South-East London that tackle and address health inequalities.

The project is working with local faith and community organisations in areas where many voices go unheard, many are seldom seen and many needs are unmet. Our aim is to reach and engage underserved and vulnerable populations so that they can lead healthier flourishing lives.

The A.T Beacon vaccine confidence Project

Commissioned by NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group is working at pace to ensure that knowledge gaps do not continue to expand between those who are engaged with the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines, and those who are not.

We operate upon the belief that knowledge and awareness can and will greatly impact the health of the individual, therefore being informed is essential. Hence, we are providing Caribbean and African communities in South-East London the ability to make informed choices, recognise myths and fake news, and ask the questions that help them understand what is happening.

The project is working with local faith communities in areas where low levels of uptake is of concern. The team are now also mobilising volunteers such as nurses, clinicians and peer educators from within Caribbean and African communities to join and support the work of the A.T Beacon Project.


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