It’s not every day that someone chooses to go on a 13 mile run to raise money for charity for their 70th birthday, but that’s what Jonathan Leeson will be doing.

Jonathan, who lives in Ringmer, near Lewes will be taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon on 25 February, to raise money for the Ascension Trust – the umbrella organisation for well-known national initiative Street Pastors. 

He aims to raise £50,000.  Jonathan ran his first half marathon at the age of 54 in response to a challenge by a friend who believed he could do it.

Jonathan serves as a Street Pastor volunteer in Brighton and was previously part of the Street Pastors team in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

Street Pastors, are trained volunteers and work in partnership with the Church, Police, local authorities and those involved in night time economy.

Based in over 230 towns and cities across the UK, Street Pastors teams give out bottles of water and space blankets to the homeless, or clubgoers, flip-flops to those struggling to walk in their high heels, or provide assistance to those who are unwell as a result of drug taking or consuming too much alcohol, as well as provide a listening ear to those who are vulnerable.

Street Pastors aim to give people they encounter on the streets a real sense of being valued and cared for.   Prayer is also provided to those who request it, as well as offered to those who would appreciate being prayed for.

There is clear evidence that when Street Pastors patrol a community, there is between 30% and 40% reduction in antisocial behaviour.  Streets are safer when Street Pastors are out on patrol.

Jonathan says, “I love going out patrolling with my Brighton Street Pastors team.  We often go down to the beach or meet people outside the club to offer flip flops, support and prayer if needed.  It’s worthwhile work and it’s the reason why I’ve decided to undertake a second half marathon to raise money for a charity that is making a real difference in the community.”

“I’m aiming to raise £50,000 so that the Ascension Trust, can continue its great work running Street Pastors and continue to make a difference in countless lives.

To support Jonathan’s half marathon run for Street Pastors over his 70th birthday, please visit the Ascension Trust’s JustGiving page at   

Total target £50000

£50.000 will enable the following

Training a further 100 uniformed Street Pastors
Bottles of water/chocolate/lollipops
Flip flops
Plastic coverings to hand out to the homeless
Coordinator Support