“Tonight (29/30th September 2018) at 1 am we had a call from the team of four street pastors in Portrush. The team members had been talking to a young man from Draperstown (33 miles away), who was rather the worse for wear and needed to get home. He did have money to pay for a taxi, and the team asked us to pray for a taxi or a way home for him.
We prayed immediately and within 7 minutes had another phone call to base. A couple had pulled up in their car and asked if the Street Pastors were ok, and was there anything they could do to help? It so happened that they were from Maghera (6 miles from Draperstown)!
When the driver of the car and the guy in need of a lift realised it was a perfect fit, they happily bumped fists. The guy got in and they drove off.

What a lovely quick answer to our prayers – within just a few minutes!”