We have recently been introduced to Paul Donlevey, the Fire, Security & Licensing Manager for the whole of the McDonald’s Company in the UK. Paul is very keen to work with us and help to get an introduction at a local level where a relationship has not yet been formed.

As a franchise, Paul is unable to dictate who the local McDonald’s outlets partner with, but has been advocating the work of Street Pastors and aims to support the initial contacts with the local Restaurant and explain the work of the Street Pastors with electronic links and example documentation of good partnership working.

Each local partnership will need to agree with the police / local authority the level of support they can offer – drinks, possible ‘place of safety’, etc. However, they  cannot breach their  premises licensing conditions, i.e. Takeaway only overnight thus negating a ‘Street Pastor’ sitting inside with a vulnerable person – Unless the police and local authority agree to allowing us to support such work.

This is a great opportunity for all our initiatives who are looking for a “way in” to McDonald’s. However we have agreed with Paul that he will only make the introduction after he has received a specific request from each local Coordinator.

If you would like to explore a partnership with your local McDonald’s Franchise please contact Brian Arnott (b.arnott@ascensiontrust.org.uk) for further information