Our Success

In 1993 Les Isaac, a church leader in London, asked himself three questions:

If I believe that the good news of Jesus is practical as well as spiritual, what does that mean for the mission of the Church?
How relevant is the Church to our twenty-first century society?
How effective are Christians at engaging across cultures and with their local community?


Captivated by these questions, Les Isaac acknowledged his growing desire to give individuals and churches the tools for participation in twenty-first-century society. This was the start of a journey that brought Ascension Trust into being.

Ascension Trust is now the governing body for eight church-led initiatives, the most well-known of which is Street Pastors.


  • Ascension Trust founded by Revd Les Isaac

  • The Trust begins working in Spurgeons Bible College, leading modules on cross-cultural mission.

  • The Trust begins to be seen as an intermediary between Church and society as reports of gun crime in inner cities increase and questions are asked about the Church’s response to urban problems

  • First overseas mission

  • • Links with church leaders in Jamaica’s troubled capital, Kingston, begin to shape Les Isaac’s response to the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the disorder and antisocial behaviour that was being seen in the UK

    • First Urban Youth Mission held in Birmingham

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