Changing Communities Together

The Nature of the Problem – a lack of Synergy

At present, there is a problem with the lack of synergy in the public and voluntary sector to tackling violence, guns, gangs and other social problems. The majority of agencies tend to work independently of each other without sharing their intelligence and/or resources. This inevitably results in some re-duplication of efforts and an overlapping of efforts among neighbouring community projects. The lack of a coherent, strategic approach lessens the overall effectiveness of efforts to reduce crime and alleviate social problems. Ascension Trust firmly believes that some of these groups could be much stronger by working together- the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. By identifying the best practice and specialisms among charitable organizations that partner with Ascension Trust, vulnerable groups, people at risk and those in need of advice would be referred to the best outlets to help them.

A Holistic Approach to Serious Violence

The main contributory factors to crime have been shown to be: family breakdown; peer-group pressures, poor education, deprivation, alcoholism, mental health and domestic violence. Ascension Trust will partner with agencies that have specialisms in the three main areas of family and domestic violence; education and mentoring; gangs and peer-pressure. The agencies will work together with vulnerable families and individuals in a joined-up manner taking a holistic approach to the problem. This holistic approach to serious violence is the key to impacting the community in a positive way.