Boy and A Blade

Singer/Songwriter Jake Isaac’s new single highlighting the dangers of knife crime

Beyond the Blade

We also exclusively revealed national data that showed last year was one of the worst in 40 years for knife fatalities. These pen portraits will no longer be updated.

People murdered on London streets in 2018

London boroughs saw at least one killing

At least 54 killed were young male victims

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Inspiration behind song ‘Boy And A Blade’

“Art is the commentary of life”. This quote was a major tipping point for me in taking a risk and making the decision to write and release this song, Boy and a Blade.

I was born and raised in London. South London is my home and now that I have the privilege of having my first child, I have realised he is growing up in a society where knife crime and murder is the ‘norm’. I had a decision to make… I could chose to ignore this disgusting fact and write songs about various other aspects of society which might be a tad more pleasant to those who would rather not focus on such ‘negativity’… Or I could take a risk and lay hold of my responsibility to speak, highlight, expose, and shine a light on what really matters using my art. I can only speak for myself as an artist… I’d rather make relevant art with conviction than attempt to make popular art with apology.

There must be more that can be done, we should NEVER be able to get used to living in a society with Knife Crime.

Some think it does not and will not affect them, but the reality is, sooner or later things always change and get closer to home. This song is only a small piece in an attempt to highlight a massive issue. To the families of approximately 135 victims of fatal knife crime in the London in 2018, and to the dozens of those who have been stabbed wounded and scarred but still live to tell the tale, and are dealing with the trauma of the experience, you deserve not just our thoughts and prayers but our actions.

To you reading this, all I ask is, whether you feel this affects you or not, consider contributing to something that highlights an issue and could contribute to saving lives; please do help sharing this little song far and wide.

Thank you

Jake Isaac

Singer/Songwriter of Boy And A Blade

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