“One Saturday night in September 2018, a team of four Street Pastors was patrolling in Portrush town after midnight, before going to Kelly’s nightclub.

They stopped to chat with a couple visiting from Larne, then asked if they would let them pray for them. The couple agreed to this and they had prayer.

After a few minutes they met another couple further along the street, who were staying in a caravan in Portrush for a week. The girl said that her mother (called Mary Elizabeth) and her friend’s mother (also called Mary Elizabeth) had particular health difficulties. They were very open to receiving prayer for the girl’s mother and her friend’s mother.

Her husband was impacted by this. He asked if they could form a circle and pray again together – so in a circle of six, arms round each other, they prayed again.

She said:” I wish my mother could have heard that prayer” and he said: “I’m not a religious man but meeting up with you tonight has done me the world of good”.

As the team walked away, they felt God had given them a divine appointment – it was a special connection!”