A highly recommended bookHow to Pray – a simple guide for normal people” by Pete Greig (which can be read on its own, or linked with free on-line video course and other resources: https://prayercourse.org ).  Pete himself says: “Lots of books about prayer are over-complicated. The teachings of Jesus are really simple, accessible and story-based. So this is for normal people, this isn’t for hermits or hyper-spiritual people. This is for new Christians.  It’s also for people who have been around the block a few times but still find prayer difficult” ...  and for all who would like to grow in relationship with God, in prayer, and in application to our daily lives and those around us, as well as to wider global issues (& to praying as or for Street Pastors!!).  It includes some of the practical realities of busyness, distractions, seemingly unanswered prayer, etc. and relates to both praying individually and with others.   It re-focuses what we know (in less ‘religious language’) and opens some good resources to encourage us to go further.  It’s helpful, it’s exciting, it’s challenging! – but, as with any and all books, sermons, podcasts, etc. on prayer – the fruitfulness comes in the doing rather than only the reading!