It has come to our attention that potential volunteers have been participating in Street Pastor training without going through the required application process, which includes the submission of an application form, references and undergoing a DBS check. In addition, they have been attending centrally organised training without being linked to or being referred by a specific Street Pastor area. In effect undertaking the training initially as a ‘taste and see’ decision making opportunity. They then decide whether to continue and make an application to an area at a later stage.

Please note this practice is outside Ascension Trust policy, procedures, insurance and the terms of the Street Pastors Licence Agreement and we would request that any such arrangements cease with immediate effect. For the reputation of Ascension Trust and all Street Pastor initiatives it is vital that we undertake the expected checks on individuals from the outset in order to avoid misleading those who undergo training and risks to the public we serve.

If you need any further clarity do not hesitate to contact either Dawn Martin or Mary-Bridget who work full time at Ascension Trust.