Urban Youth Mission

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Scotland Phone:
01475 783000

Mobile #:
07455 141 550

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What Is Urban Youth Mission (UYM)?

UYM is an opportunity for young people to be equipped, grow and develop into young leaders and people who are determined to show Christ’s Love in a practical way.

Our Aims Are:

  • To encourage young people to get and stay connected to God
  • To help young people identify and develop gifts and talents
  • To nurture the leadership potential of young people

What Happens At UYM:

Throughout the week there is teaching, small group discussions, social and community action projects, skills workshops and lots of fun and games.

Most importantly we want to create space to hang out, have fun and share fellowship with each other.

For more information please get in contact with Bejoy Pal the youth development officer: b.pal@ascensiontrust.org.uk