<h1 style="text-align: center;">Changing Communities Together</h1>

Karen Allen

Karen’s passion is to inspire, empower and help others to transform their lives. She has been gifted and blessed to do this through many avenues including, speaking, writing, empowerment conferences and events, youth campaigns and one to one coaching etc.

Her desire is to see people, particularly women and young people overcome obstacles that have prevented them from living an optimal life and she is most enthusiastic about topics surrounding identity, integrity amd intention. Affectionately known as ‘God’s Girl’, Karen has been credited with the ability to take complex issues and present them in a way which is simple, yet profound. This is a huge part of her life’s work.

As a renowned author, speaker and Bible Study teacher, Karen believes that everyone has the ability and the responsibility to live their best life, by God’s grace.

In her owns words Karen says that the four chambers of her heart beat for:

  • Empowerment – Giving others the tools and the techniques to be, do and have more.
  • Education – Using alternative education systems and strategies to help others to flourish.
  • Enslaved – Supporting young offenders at risk of offending through transition.
  • Evangelism – Teaching and preaching the Gospel of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.