Potential material for a new book on Street Pastors

Ascension Trust has given permission for a potential new book to be written on Street Pastors. The main focus is likely to be stories from different Street Pastors and the public in different areas of the UK (see below for some ideas).

To preserve the privacy of individuals, no real names of individuals, towns, roads, venues etc or dates will be used. Real names will only be used if a person gives written consent to tell their story, and so long as their story does not disclose personal details of other individuals.

If you would like to send some material that may be included, please send under the following topics:

  • Why I became a Street Pastor
  • Any specifics of training (formal or otherwise) that really helps me as a Street Pastor.
  • My most memorable evening
  • My most scary evening
  • The funniest evening of all
  • Best interaction with the public, police, door staff and ambulance drivers
  • Homelessness stories with written permission if a personal story
  • Stories from the public / police / door staff etc with written permission if a personal story
  • The most fulfilling event / initiative / encounter or evening
  • Where are the biggest positive differences made by Street Pastors
  • How my Faith helps
  • Anything else

Please send anywhere between a few sentences and 1,000 words, although longer for something exceptional, and please include dialogue if possible. Please request a form to obtain signed permission from yourself or another individual to use your / their personal story.

If your material is used you will be notified. Material provided will generally be edited to fit into the general flow of the potential book.

Please send any material with details as below to streetpastorsbook@yahoo.com

Years a Street Pastors
Street Pastors Area
Use real name * – Yes/No

* Real names only for personal stories, first name only may be used