Dear  Lord,

Life’s full of the unexpected

those things that are unforeseen,

Help us in times of hardship

to willingly on you lean;


As we pray for the London disaster

where many lives were lost,

We pray for those affected

and those helping at some cost;


Though our lives are ever changing

each and every day,

We thank you that you never change

you hear us when we pray;


Help us now together

as our hearts are torn in two,

To be guided by your Spirit

to know what to say and do;


Give to all Response Teams

the words they need to say,

Or even just a listening ear

to help in some real way;


And for all that are now homeless

or have lost ones oh so dear,

May your love and care be evident

and your presence ever near;


Whatever now the future holds

give hope for coming days,

As you receive our heartfelt prayers

to bless in many ways.


John B. Knight
Prayer  Pastor  Co-ordinator
Bexhill  on  Sea