Great day in the best meaning possible, what a privilege to be there to serve the Lord with the hurting people . There were so many of them, to be able to show our love and care. How important a hug is and a shoulder to cry on. Great team.

A few residents came, one had lost five members of her family, another had lost his fiancé, another a  sister, cousins. Many neighbours found it hard having heard the screams and shouts. There was a man called Nigel who has a pub backing on to the Tower, we stopped to chat with him. His business was really affected as was he having watched the fire. I asked if we could pray with him, not sure at first then he said yes. We called the next day and he said he was feeling much better and felt it was because of the prayer. During the night, he wanted to hit the bottle so much to drown the pain away, when a voice in his head said no it will not help and he knew it was because of our prayer. He wanted more prayer and for us to continue when we went home. He was baptised as a teenager but had not continued going to Church. He definitely has a spirit within him. Many were still travelling some distance to pay their respects. We were able to support with the funeral, especially when they came out after one and a half hours we were able to quickly give each person a bottle of water, they were so hot and thirsty.

A day we thought could be quiet turned out very well for the Lord with excellent conversations had by all.