Following waking up to the most awful news regarding the fire at a west London block of flats, we have been able to deploy teams of response Pastors in the area since Wednesday in collaboration with the emergency services and faith groups.  Below is an extract from todays team leader report|:

We have deployed 6 teams of Response Pastors in groups of 3 and 4 with a total of 22 RPs being here at this time.

We have visited all rest areas and interacted mainly with displaced residents, Evacuees and concerned members of the community. Lots of small interactions and all RPs feel a value in what they are doing. Recovery of the deceased has not yet begun.

We have been based at St Clements all day and feel accepted here as a good forward base and rest area for us. The staff here have been amazing.

We have linked in Well with Bishop Graham Tomkins from Kensington and he has facilitated our deployment into the Emergency services rest and feeding area where I have now deployed a team to listen to them. There is a prayer vigil at 8 pm at the Methodist Church and plans for one at a local CofE church tomorrow at 7pme.

Our teams have all had a break and are energised.