Katie Beckett who serves with Kingston Street Pastors is to be one of four people who will be honoured at a special Society Sunday Service at Methodist Central Hall Westminster on Sunday 11th June at 5:30pm.

This special church service will be broadcasted later on the same evening on Premier Christian Radio. The main focus of the service will be to recognise, celebrate, honour and pray for ‘local and national heroes’ who are making a positive difference to local communities and to the wider nation. There will also be prayers for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as the nation will be celebrating her ‘official birthday’ her 91st – on that weekend. Also we shall pray for the Prime Minister, and the new government (the general election takes place three days earlier).

The main focus of Society Sunday will be a celebration of the vital role that ‘local heroes’ make helping cities, towns, villages and communities throughout the UK to be  a safer, friendlier, more caring community to live in – and that’s where Katie comes in! At this national service and in local churches throughout the UK, Christians and people of other faiths and none, will be invited to share something of their story and to celebrate their contribution.

Katie will be interviewed so she can talk about Street Pastors. Premier and the ministry team at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster church hope to raise awareness of the work Katie and others do and to flag up the opportunity for others to get involved and like Katie, make a positive difference.