As promised here are just a few thoughts from after I got home on Monday night.

Such a privilege to be at London Bridge and the vigil last night. Just as emotional as Manchester and so soon after but the response from London was just fantastic. Many flowers and messages of support again for the victims, their families and all impacted by the horrific events. People just asking why, there is no sense in this. Again too what surprised be was the lack of anger but just the resolve that good will overcome evil.
The vigil itself was really good and what really stood out to me was the number of different faiths so evident at the event. Religion often gets blamed for this sort of attack but the vast majority of all religions are good people. It was so good particularly to speak with many of our Muslim brothers particularly and the obvious warmth and similar feelings we all shared. The big challenge is how do we convince the small number of extremists that they will never ‘win’

What was more evident last night, and often gets overlooked to a large extent, was the impact on the police and other emergency services. How does the police officers who ‘took out’ the terrorists feel? A number of the police I spoke to yesterday were visibly moved but what was fantastic to witness was the number of people just coming up to the police, shaking their hands, and saying thank you. The police, security and all emergency services need a lot more recognition for what they do in vey difficult circumstances.

As I said too it was a real honour to be with such a great team. Great too to see Les and Eustace there to giving us such encouragement. Thanks chaps.

As with what I wrote about Manchester I again do not know how to end. Just that out of all this I pray that God will be seen to be the way to go !