Sadly it has come to our attention that some initiatives are using items of uniform which have not been provided by Ascension Trust but bear the Street Pastors name and branding.  This is just a reminder that the Street Pastors name, logo, images and branding are trade marks and the intellectual property of Ascension Trust and only to be used in the manner prescribed by your Licence Agreement.  The Street Pastors name and logo are not to be manipulated in any way.

Whilst the current Licence Agreement allows local initiatives the right to use all intellectual property associated with the Street Pastors Movement for the work of Street Pastors, eg to produce leaflets for local distribution, this does not entitle individuals to create their own uniforms using Street Pastors branding or any image or logo which is a trade mark of Ascension Trust.

We also need to remind you that Street Pastors volunteers and other personnel may only wear authorised Street Pastors’ uniform and associated kit (such as caps, badges etc) supplied by Ascension Trust when patrolling and should not wear any uniform with Street Pastors’ names or logos which has not been supplied by Ascension Trust unless the local initiative has obtained the prior approval of Ascension Trust’s management.  We are sure that any infringement to date has been inadvertent and would not wish there to be any infringement of Ascension Trust’s trade mark and intellectual property rights by individuals associated with the Street Pastors movement or the manufacturer of unauthorised items, so just need to flag this up for your attention.

The use of unauthorised uniforms also impacts on the safety and security of those on Street Pastors patrol and the public which they serve, in that it may then become harder to identify individuals who may simply be masquerading as a Street Pastor.

So as to prevent any further infringement and maintain the standard of uniforms, any existing unauthorised items of uniform should be destroyed immediately.  Images of unauthorised uniform should also not be posted to the Internet or social media.

Should you need to obtain new items of uniform please use the order tab on the portal. For further support and information contact Anwar at or 020 8329 9649.  Anwar is available at our offices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you for your cooperation with this and may God continue to bless the work that you are doing in your local initiatives