is  a new website designed by Hodder Faith especially for churches or other organisations that need Bibles but can’t afford them.

photo 1The Street Pastors Bible is one of the 20 or so items on the site, alongside other titles from the NIV range that are popular for communal use – from pew Bibles to youth Bibles, as well as the Gospels and the New Testament.

The site is very easy to use – it takes just five minutes to set up an appeal – and then you can share it with all your supporters.

For example, if your Street Pastors team wants some Bibles to use themselves or to give away they just need to set up an appeal and let everyone know. Donors could include street pastors themselves or anyone in the churches that support them, from that town or elsewhere.

Supporters can follow the link and immediately see which Bibles your church or organisation needs and choose which ones they would like to donate. You will receive each Bibles or pack of Bibles within five working days of the donation.