3 prayer booklets together 2

A few weeks ago we launched a new Prayer Booklet at the national prayer gathering in Birmingham. This is a resource that contains prayers, blessings and words of dedication, for all those in the Street Pastors movement, reflecting the ecumenical character of the Prayer Pastors initiative.


The booklet is available from our online store at a cost of £3.

In conjunction with this we have also produced other documents that help to define the training that is available for new prayer pastors recruits. The training course is open to all new recruits and existing prayer pastors are also welcome to attend (but there is no requirement for them to do so).

We hope that the training course and the following downloadable training materials will help prayer coordinators and prayer pastors to develop prayer for their Street Pastors team and their community.

Prayer Pastors Handbook 

This booklet provides helpful information about how to develop and sustain prayer around the life and work of the local Street Pastors team. It is intended for use by coordinators and also contains useful documents such as a volunteer agreement and person specification.

Prayer Pastors Manual

This is a guide for trainers and contains a suggested plan for a training day. It also includes templates for commissioning prayers for new prayer pastors.

Prayer Pastors Workbook

This booklet follows the same training day outline as the Training Manual and is intended for use by new prayer pastors recruits during training. It contains space for notes and reflections.

It is our hope that Street Pastors may be a catalyst for prayer in our nation.

All of these resources are also available under the Resources tab on the main portal menu.