We are pleased with the progress so far and we hope that you are too. We would also like to take this opportunity to give you a quick update on where we are at:

  • The new Street Pastors website was launched on 15th September 2014
  • As part of the launch a new subdomain website was launched for all Street Pastors Initiatives, in the format, <area name>.streetpastors.org. For example, wrexham.streetpastors.org.
  • So far, 217 of 281 initiatives have updated their subdomain so that accurate contact details are displayed. Please note, this means 66 areas haven’t yet.
  • Additionally, 87 initiatives have requested a new fully functional subdomain rather than a basic one page subdomain.

For us, we are now keen to finish moving all the old subdomains across to the new platform. If you:

  • Have an old .org.uk subdomain that is still live we will be looking to move this across to the new platform in January 2015 with a final deadline for completing this process being the end of March 2015.
  • Had a site that was hacked and you wish to recover the content, but have not yet completed the phase 2 request form, we ask you please to do that as soon as possible in January.

We would also like to remind you what options you have:

Please note, if you complete the phase 2 form that you should receive a Site Build email from UKChurches. You need to follow the instructions in this email from them to start the process of creating your fully functional subdomain. Once the site is completed, you will be given login details to be able to maintain it.

Updates to the basic one page subdomains will always be done through the Https://www.streetpastors.org/coordinator-induction/ form.

If you had a previous .org.uk subdomain then rest assured that this will not be lost, you don’t have to change your business cards or marketing material…we will just point your old .org.uk subdomain to your new subdomain.