At the time of writing, approximately 108 SPIs have a Facebook account and 96 SPIs have a Twitter account.

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Social media offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with people and build relationships with those we might otherwise struggle to reach.

Is social media a good thing for Street Pastors Initiatives?

Yes! Ascension Trust has drawn up a short 7-page guide to help local schemes be part of conversations on social media and develop their presence online.

Our primary message to Street Pastors Initiatives is – please engage with your audience of supporters, donors, sceptics, fan and beneficiaries through social media – and please do so responsibly in line with terms of the licence agreement and the Street Pastors Code of Conduct.

To help you to conduct your social media presence responsibly and safely, and to give those of you who are not yet using social media a strong platform from which to begin (if you wish), our communications officer Rosalind Davies, in conjunction with Ascension Trust’s legal and policy department, has compiled a short guide to social media use for SPIs.

Social Media Guidelines