We are always grateful for these spiritually enriching times when we come together at National Training days to jointly listen from God and seek to listen to each other thus enabling us to improve the good practices we endeavour to employ in all that we do. We are humbled with the wonderful stories of God’s goodness and favour out there on the streets, stories that give meaning to my service in support of all that you do.

Post-conference, we find it necessary to clarify the ID Card process in relation to your insurance cover. Ansvar Insurance via our broker (Access Insurance) has officially confirmed cover is in place for all Street Pastor Initiatives, even for the areas that have yet to complete their ID Card Registration or Applications. You would have received confirmation of this via email from Access Insurance on the 22 July 2015. Allow me to explain:

  1. The AT ID Card Registration process involves promptly sending an acknowledgement email to ID@ascensiontrust.org.uk stating you have received this year’s insurance renewal documentation and will begin the AT ID Card application process. From a legal point of view, this acknowledgement will officially constitute the act of registering your intent to comply with the AT ID Card policy and process.
  2. The AT ID Card Application is done through the Street Pastors Coordinators’ Portal by following a process to get the data ready to place your group order of AT ID Cards. http://portal.streetpastors.org/order/id-cards/. Please follow online instructions.
  3. We are mindful of the challenge presented in collating all of the necessary data and passport style photo for each Street Pastor and for that reason have simplified the process as best we can. The task of organizing the collection of necessary particulars and photo times is a simple one. If the remainder of the task is not feasible for you, give someone the opportunity to bless you with the kindness of their IT skills. I have seen how God turns needs we personally can’t meet into opportunities to engage new people who become passionate about what we do!
  4. Please understand, whilst under Statement of Facts, on page 6 of your Policy Schedule, item 13 states that all Street/School/College/Response Pastors carry their ID Cards when on duty:

4.1.   This assumption is made based on the implemented fullness of our operational systems but provision has been made to accommodate the process of registration and application as set above. You are covered. Please do not stop patrols.

4.2.   In gest at the conference I inferred due to the Policy being renewable by 16 July that we had time. Human nature being human nature, please don’t make the assumption applications are welcome by midnight July 15, 2016! In my negotiations with the insurance broker I thought it would be more helpful to all if we operate on the basis of prompt cooperation to complete this task. Whilst I opted for this approach above setting a specific timeframe I may yet have to do so in order to ensure the insured period doesn’t elapse without us having satisfied this insurance requirement.

In conclusion, please remember AT ID Cards are required for Street, School, College, Response Pastors, all those that go out on patrols or representing the work of Street Pastors as stated in the General Code of Conduct and Practice of the Licence Agreement, on Page 16, paragraph 7) Use of Uniforms and ID Cards. (Refer to current Licence Agreement on Portal http://portal.streetpastors.org/resources-page/).

Lastly, any legal questions please write to: legal@ascensiontrust.org.uk. Any procedural or application related questions please write to: id@ascensiontrust.org.uk.