This update contains the following information for your attention:

Election policy reminder
Consultation period on the Licence Agreement
Conference highlights
A message from Les Isaac

Following the Management and Coordinators Training Conference (27–28 March 2015), Susannah Catlin, Ascension Trust’s Legal and Policy adviser, would like to draw your attention to the information below.

1 Election policy reminder

As we go into the election season I would like to remind all coordinators to remind trustees, management committees and volunteers of the organisational political neutrality of Street Pastors. It is important that when acting in a formal capacity on behalf of Street Pastors, whether in uniform or not, extreme care is taken to ensure that no comment or action could result in placing the political neutrality of Street Pastors or Ascension Trust in question. By the same token, every effort should be taken to avoid the Street Pastors’ name and brand from being used in or to further political agendas or for campaigning. Please refer to the Policy for greater clarification. It can be found on the portal for your convenience.

2 Post-conference consultation

Thank you to all who attended the conference and gave us their feedback. 55% of you found the content of the legal workshop very useful, whilst 41% found it to be practical. 4% had difficulty understanding the content. Please be assured that I am committed to assisting all, especially those who have difficulty in understanding legal issues and, for this reason, I have decided to make my presentation notes available to all who attended the conference and those who did not in light of all the recent changes with regards to the Street Pastor’s Governing Document (CIO Foundation Model, outlined in our Governance Workshop, November 2014) and the revised Licence Agreement (March 2015 Conference).

Please note that the Licence Agreement has been restructured to improve and guide internal governance procedures and to incorporate all the changes that have taken place in legislation and the Charity Commission guidance.
As stated at the conference last Saturday, I have allowed for a two-week consultation period for further feedback from SPIs regarding the Licence Agreement. I wish that there was more time available for consultation, debate, questions or objections but the course of business is such that it doesn’t permit a longer period of review without prejudicing those SPIs that are waiting for their documentation to be processed. This is a working document and any input that cannot be incorporated at this time will be added to a subsequent update. Please forward all related input and queries to:

3 Highlights of the conference

Of the many wonderful things that took place, the opportunity to sit and listen to your difficulties and triumphs was a highlight for me. I came away feeling that we are making progress in bridging the gap of communication and this to me is a positive change.
I share below one of the comments received on a feedback form:

“The conference energised me and enthused me once again. I have learnt so much and now have a huge to-do list. Great to be part of this family, great worship, great devotions and great prayer. Thank you for the whole event.” (Anon feedback)

4 A message from Les Isaac

It was great to be with you all at the Management and Coordinators Training Conference. I felt something of God’s encouragement to us through our worship, the dedication of our time, our devotion and the training that was given. I want to remind us that we are in it for the long haul as the Church of Jesus. Our love and our time is a the most valuable gift that our nation could receive. I encourage us all to continue to love our communities and continue to serve them through our caring, listening and helping.

Revd Les Isaac, 1 April 2015